Roof Cleaning

We Wash Roofs:

Roofs can suffer from heat damage, UV damage, filament root systems, and wood destroying organisms. Our sophisticated Softwashing technology can help to eliminate or minimize the aesthetic and structural damages often caused by these problems, which is why it is very important for homeowners to keep in mind the benefits associated with routine roof cleanings.

Discoloration, Damage, and Long-Term Structural Concerns:

Dark black or green stains on your roof are not only unsightly and take away from the curb appeal of your home, they can also lead to the loss of structural integrity over time. The most common cause of streaking and discoloration on shingle roofs is the presence of gloeocapsa magma, a species of cyanobacteria. Gloeocapsa magma attacks limestone— a common ingredient in roofing shingles—causing it to dissolve and disintegrate at a rapid rate.

Even the beginning stages of Gloeocapsa magma can shorten the life of your roof, but the later stages are when loss of structural integrity becomes a greater concern. It is also at these later stages when a roof’s factory warranty can be negated or voided (depending on the manufacturer).


By using the latest in Softwashing technology along with powerful biodegradable soaps and chemicals, we are able to remove the discoloration on your roof. This sophisticated process removes any harmful stains and contaminants, physically lightens the color of your roof, and helps to prevent excess heat absorption into attic areas and living spaces (reducing cooling costs during the hot summer months). The application of our chemicals also gets rid of wood destroying organisms and other biofilm that can damage roofing materials over time. Overall, our power washing techniques will improve the general physical appearance of your roof and your home and may also help to prevent harmful long-term damage to your home’s roofing shingles and other materials.