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Providing high-quality, affordable pressure washing services to the Outer Banks, North Carolina

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At Outer Banks Power Washing, we realize that every cleaning job and every home is different. Our company takes pride in our ability to accurately access customers’ unique needs, and we promise to use the correct cleaning procedures and application methods to ensure that our customers get fantastic results.

Our skilled technicians have the knowledge and equipment necessary to clean a variety of surfaces and materials—everything from siding, windows, decks, patios, gutters, driveways, and parking lots! And we certainly realize that not every surface and material is created equal, which is why we use a high pressure surface cleaner where appropriate (like on asphalt) and switch to gentler methods like softwashing when necessary.

Roof Cleaning

Concrete Surface Cleaning

Wood & Composite Decks

Windows, Gutters and Siding

Brick Cleaning

Porches and Pool Decks

Why Us?

Certified and Insured

Certified by PWNA, Fully Insured

State of the Art Equipment

We use a soft-wash system that uses less pressure than a normal pressure washer, so it won't damage surfaces unneccessarily.

Wide Service Area

Based out of Outer Banks, North Carolina. Licensed for service in North Carolina and Virginia.

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